2014 Softball General Information

  1. Coed Team Fee's for 2014 $400. Men's $575.
  2. Early bird discount is $50 for teams registered and paid between March 3th and March 14th 2014
  3. Player's fees $50.00 first team. (second team played $40, third $30. $30 ea for any additional.
  4. Tournaments $200.00 team fee for non state tournaments. $325 for the state tournament we are hosting, Coed C and Men’s D. (see tournament page)
  5. Season opening BBQ May 10th ATSA will bring burgers and dogs, teams need to bring drinks and chips.
  6. We accept credit cards for all fee's! Checks again, will only be accepted from coaches or sponsors, no other checks accepted.
  7. Alcohol is never permitted in the parking area of the park.
  8. When there is a permit for alcohol consumption at the park all alcohol must be consumed on the grass areas of the park.
  9. No Glass Bottles of any kind in the park.

2014 League Rules

  1. ASA national rules apply with these exceptions for league play.
  2. Park strip will remain open count, 0-0
  3. 8 players are the league minimum for play to begin.
  4. Stealing bases will be allowed in Men's D.
  5. Courtesy runner rule will continue.
  6. Missing the safety base when required will be an automatic out that either umpire may call.
  7. Men's teams are still allowed 12 men lineup. (2EB)
    (ASA National rules will be 100% enforced for all state tournaments, no exceptions)
  8. Coed A, B, C, D: Players may not play on any Other level of Coed in any association. If you play Coed C with Anchor Town or any other association, that's the only level of Coed you can play.

    Coed teams can have men and women from men's or women's teams of one classification higher. I.e. a coed D team may have Players From men's and Women's C teams but may not have players from A's or B's. You can also have men and women from same or lower classifications of Men's or Women's.

    Coed E: Players may not play on any Coed except E. As with other coed you may have players from Women's D or Men's D.

    Coed E is the recreational level division. Most of the players in this league have limited experience and we encourage people to play up to higher levels if possible. Coed E is for beginners.

    Men's E, D: Players can only play at one level of Men's period. If you play on two teams in different associations they must be of the same level.

    Rule 1, sec. 8: Illegal (unregistered) players may be ejected whether or not the other team has protested, but the game will not be forfeited unless the illegal player is playing under an assumed name. The acting coach of the game will be suspended until the unregistered player is registered. If a player is playing under an assumed name the player and the coach will be suspended from play for one calendar year.

    Rule 4, sec. 3: All starters AND substitutes may leave the game and re-enter once, but must remain in the same place in the batting order.
    Crash rule: Remaining on your feet and contacting a fielder who has the ball or impeding play is always an out. Runner must slide, run around or jump over a fielder waiting to apply a tag. Forceful contact is also an immediate ejection.

Coed short players: Coed teams may start with 8 players (4 of one and 4 of the other sex see new sub rule) without agreement from the other team. Starting with 9 players the team will have an out at the end of their lineup. E.G. If the lead batter is a male and you are short a male the "Ghost out" will be the Second to last batter or the last male batter slot in the lineup. All teams may start with 8 players, if playing just 8 then no ghost out.

Substitutions: All starters AND substitutes may leave the game and re-enter once, but must remain in the same place in the batting order.

Female Substitution rule : One female may be played in a male spot of a team's line up if that team does not have enough men to make the minimum requirements to play. I/e a team has 5 girls and 3 men, they may put a woman in for one of the men's spots to make the 8 player minimum. Or 10 players 6 female 4male, may not substitute for EB.

If at any time another male shows up he must be immediately substituted in replacing the woman. The woman that has been removed may sub in one more time in a woman's position only. This applies to League play only

Softball Player Transfer Rule:
For a $10 fee a player may be transferred from one Softball team to another of the same or higher classification up until June 21, 2013. All transfers must go through the Anchor Town office. Any transfers after that date are at the discretion of Anchor Town management. Players are allowed only one transfer per season. There will be no transfers between the leagues. i.e. no transfer from men's to coed or corec.

Park Strip:
All games played at the Park Strip will use an open count and not start with 1 and 1.

Homerun rule:
Men's C & Coed C: 4
Men’s D & Coed D: 2
Men’s E & Coed E: 0 1/2 inning ending
CoRec 7/3: 1+Progressive
All Parkstrip: 0 (Out, but no other penalty)
1. Home team gives new ball(s) to umpire; visitors supply good used ball(s).
2. All teams automatically receive five minute grace period from scheduled start of game if they do not have eight players present.
3. Teams may always start with eight players. If a team does not have eight players after the grace period, the other team may elect to (a) loan one or more players to bring the lineup to no more than 10 players for the duration of the game, in which case late-arriving players may not play for the short-handed team. (b) take a forfeit.
4. When a team starts with fewer than 10, late-arriving players may immediately enter the game unless the other team has lent players.
5. In case of score discrepancy, umpires shall reconcile both scorebooks. Home team scorebook is official only for purposes of recording protests.
Courtesy runner:
Each team may use one courtesy runner per inning per gender. (Coed can have two courtesy runners an inning, one male one female.) If a courtesy runner is illegal and caught before next pitch the courtesy runner is out. See rules for specifics.

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